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Designed by Michael Schacht
Graphics by Oliver Freudenreich
Published by Ravensburger (2003)
MaBiWeb implementation by MaBi (2006)

Number of players: 2
Rules: download the rules from the game designer's site.

For more info, see the game entry in BoardGameGeek.

Play-by-Web version changes

This is the list of differences between the standard game and this online version.
  • End game condition
    This implementation of the game adopts the rule described as a variant in the rulebook: the game ends as soon as three rows of cards are completely removed, not all of them.

  • Collected tokens not immediately visible
    In the standard game when a player takes a card with a round token on top, this token is immediately visible. In this PbW version the token is revealed only at the end of the player's turn, after the actions have been confirmed and committed (otherwise a player could look at the token and in case decide to 'reset' his/her turn and choose another action).

  • No tie break
    The tie breaking rule (in case of draw, the player with the lower number of cards is the winner) is not implemented.
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