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Recent News

The play-by-web version of Hansa has been moved to Michael Schacht's site:


Designed by Michael Schacht
Graphics by Michael Schacht
Published by Abacus Spiele (2004)
English language version by Uberplay
MaBiWeb implementation by MaBi (2006)

Number of players: 2-4
Rules: download the rules here.

For more info, see the game entry in BoardGameGeek.

Play-by-Web version changes

This is the list of differences between the standard game and this online version.
  • Open scoring (optional)
    By default this online version has open scoring (players' victory points are always visible), but at game creation it's possible to select the closed scoring option.

  • Fast Setup Variant (optional)
    This is a variant suggested by Hansa designer M. Schacht in order to speed up the setup phase in play-by-web games. There is only one setup round where players simultaneously choose all 3 cities for their starting market booths. Players choices are all revealed only at the end of the setup round.
    This variant is available only for multiplayer games (in 2-player games it's too advantageous for the starting player).
    At game creation it's possible to choose between this variant and the standard setup.

Changing Winds variant

This variant is played on a different map and with the following rules changes:
  • Ship movement
    For 2 coins the ship can be moved against the arrow direction.

  • Endgame Bonus Points
    At the end of the game the following points will be awarded:
    • 2 points to the player with the tallest stack of market booths on the board.
    • 3 points to the player who initiated the end of the game by drawing a good marker from the last pile.
    • 4 points to the player with the most cities with at least one market booth.
    • 5 points to the player who sold the most [i]one barrel[/i] goods.
  • (In case of tie the bonus is awarded to all tied players).
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