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OK - thanks anyhow!
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As you know, Korea special ability usually works, and in your game too I see it was triggered when you bought the Golden Age (it is in the log) but then you didn't take the architects. The only explanation I have is that you just clicked 'End Turn' by mistake, renouncing the option, instead of clicking on the Wonder. If you are sure you didn't mis-click, well... sorry but I don't know...
I should probably reimplement this by adding an explicit 'Renounce' button, so the renouncing would be logged and there would be no doubts about what happened.
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Sorry, I will be away until January 5, can't do anything before that
PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:29 am    Post subject: Bug? Game ID=72654 No architects for free for Korea

Game ID=72654

Hi Mabi,

in Game ID=72654 I have Korea and the System offers me NOT to buy to 2 architects for free after I bought a golden age???

Thanks for your help and correction!!!